AE Geometric Terrarium Cube - Medium, Copper

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Famous for woodland landscape
Shape is perfect for table decor
Shape is suitable for almost any landscape



Please Note: The plant is not included



The AE Geometric Terrarium Cubes are landscapes that are grown in a glass. Just like aquariums house water, terrariums house terrain. They are fascinating, educational and assist in understanding the principles to sustain life.

There are no limits to what you can plant inside a terrarium. To date, people have conquered desert, woodland and tropical terrains, with others in the pipeline. The key to building a long-lasting terrarium is to understand the terrain and plant-life you are growing and replicate it within the glass.

Cube Terrarium is a simple cube tilted on its side. They are famous for woodland landscape with a cascading bonsai inside. The Cube shape also makes it perfect for any table decor. This shape is suitable to plant almost all landscapes in.

All terrariums are made from glass sourced locally then joined by solder. The solder reacts to water, so it will be best to use sealant when creating a water landscape and you will have to clean it once a month to minimize weathering. Copper finishes needs to be polished once every 3 months with Brasso found in most hardware stores.

It’s important to understand that a desert base cannot be used to house woodland terrariums as Woodland-based utilities a self-watering base to keep moisture within the landscape. If you have a base where water sits you will need to clean the tray out once a week as water tends to go off over time.



  • Famous for woodland landscape 
  • Shape is perfect for table decor
  • Shape is suitable for almost any landscape



Dimensions 200 x 200 x 250 mm
Color Copper

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