ATG Collapsible Braai Grid


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For Outdoor Cooking
Lightweight & Collapsible





The ATG Collapsible Braai Grid is a South African quality product and the ideal camping companion. From hikers, cyclist, backpackers, globetrotters to 4x4 campers. The grid can be completely dismantled, pivoted and the height and depth adjusted to any level. Only 700 grams and 35cm x 21cm packed!

Gnarly adventurers love nothing more than to grill or cook on a grid over an open flame. This grid is the perfect lifetime companion for your adventures. Whether it is going fishing with the kids for the first time. Going on a hunting trip or hiking the Fish River Canyon.

Cleaning Method for Braai Grid:
Electropolishing: Electropolishing is the controlled electrochemical removal of surface metal, resulting in a brilliant appearance and shine. Also described as "reverse plating," the process has a levelling effect, which produces a superior smoothness and increased reflectivity. In contrast to pickling or acidic cleaning, does not produce hydrogen embrittlement due to the release of oxygen at the surface.



  • Lifetime service built tough: Made in South Africa from 304 surgical stainless steel to withstand any fire and outlast all other grids on the market. Electropolished, if cared for correctly your braai grid will last a lifetime and will look and work as good as the day it was made.
  • Precision design: The Aluminium block is specially designed to ensure the grid do not ride down the pole when moved.
  • True multi functionality: The grid can be used with the pole or without the pole by supporting the grid on rocks if the ground is too hard to use the pole as support.
  • Aluminium is used for the support pole and screw apart to fit into the carry bag.
  • We specially made the grid bag waterproof to store the dirty grid for times when water is not available to wash the grid. The bag is made from High Tenacity Nylon fabric made in South Africa. The fabric is rot resistant, waterproof, mould resistant and UV resistant.
  • Small enough to store it anywhere in your bags or backpack, or tie it to your bike or bicycle, even store behind your 4x4 rear seat.
  • The grid can easily carry over 1kg of food or a pot with contents.
  • Use the back of the grid handle to scrape the grid clean.



Dimensions 34.5cm x 21cm with 3mm DIA 304 Stainless wire.
Aluminium Pole 65cm
Weight 700 grams
Cleaning Method Electropolishing

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