What is it? 

The Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol is one of the most effective non-lethal self-defence weapons available to customers. The Byrna pistol releases a .68 calibre round, that looks similar to a paint ball round, but is filled with a powder that contains a mixture of pepper and tear gas. It also utilises solid nylon (glass breaker) rounds which can effectively incapacitate an intruder by cracking ribs!  


How well will the Byrna Pistol protect you? 

The Byrna Pistol can be used from a recommended effective distance of 20 meters, unlike many other self-defence weapons such as pepper spray or tasers, which need to be used from a close distance of 5 meters.  The rounds released from the Byrna Pistol are non-lethal, however they will immediately incapacitate any threat. Upon impact, the bullet releases the powdered pepper and tear gas, causing anyone who has been shot with the round to have extreme difficulty breathing as well as loss of vision for several minutes. This allows you as well as your family and friends to escape safely from danger. 

How is it different to a gun? 

The Byrna pistol is not considered a firearm, but is rather classified as a self-defence weapon and should still be treated as if it were a live firearm. The Byrna Pistol is different to a gun in that it is powered by compressed air making it non-lethal unlike a standard gun. Using the Byrna Pistol on someone will not cause them to sustain any permanent physical harm. Lastly, because it is not a gun, no license is required, making this pistol available to everyone as and when needed. The Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol is the best non-lethal self-defense weapon currently available In South Africa. The Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol is the best alternative form of protection, compared to a real firearm. Consumers can feel safe and secure when carrying their Byrna Pistol, as well as have the reassurance that if they ever need to stop an intruder or someone that will cause them harm, the customer may do so, without taking someone’s life and having to deal with legal repercussions.  


Top 10 Advantages of the Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol 

Below are some of the greatest advantages when owning a Byrna Pepper Pistol: 

  • Best alternative to a real firearm in any self-defense situation should you not have a firearm license. 

  • The Byrna Pepper Pistol shoots rounds up to 330km/h. 

  • Gas canister can be stored unpunctured within the Byrna for months at a time. 

  • First pull of the trigger instantly fires first pepper round, thereafter every trigger pull fires another round. 

  • Pepper and Nylon rounds can be loaded into a Byrna magazine together in any order!  

  • The Byrna Pepper Pistol has no recoil due to it using compressed CO2 cylinders. 

  • No recoil means the Byrna Pepper pistol is easy to use by men and women.  

  • The Byrna Pepper Pistol kit comes with 2x 5 round magazines as well as 2x CO2 canisters. 

  • The Byrna Pepper Pistol is 20% smaller than its competitors making it easier to conceal. 

  • There is a specially designed kydex holster for the Byrna Pepper Pistol Kit. 


In Conclusion 

If we have learned anything from history, it is that we should be prepared for everything. We have now seen a global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus which has already caused many people to panic-buy, and in some cases even fight for, products they think are most essential.

We all hope the outcome of the global pandemic is to return to a “normal” society easily and safely.  

As we see it, we want you to return to society safely, with ease.