Lekke Pot

What is the Lekke Pot?

I’m sure all South African’s are wondering what the Lekke Pot really is and why it’s the best braai bak around! The Lekke Pot is made for South Africans by South Africans.  The Lekke Pot is the best braai bak currently available on the market. Why? The reason is simple. The Lekke Pot can keep the heat in for between 4 – 6 hours, allowing you to take all the time you want to enjoy braaing and being able to have a piping hot meal!

How is this possible? The Lekke Pot has double stainless-steel insulated walls and a unique locking system that is built to keep the heat in!

The Lekke Pot is Super Simple to Use!

Step 1 – Cook up a storm! – Braai all your favourite foods.

Step 2 – Place your braai vleis into the Lekke Pot and Seal in the delicious goodness.

Step 3 – Enjoy your scrumptious food whenever you want! (Just make sure to eat your tasty meal between 4 – 6 hours after its been cooked).

Too hot to braai or eat? No problem! The Lekke Pot can be used as a cooler box instead – keeping your cooldrink, ice-cream and ice freezing cold.  

The Advantages of the Lekke Pot

  • Keeps your food hot/cold for 4 – 6 hours.
  • Keeps food fresher for longer due to its high-quality insulation.
  • Allows you to enjoy braai time with all your family and friends while ensuring you have a hot meal by the end of all the socialising.
  • Food can be easily transported and served.

The Lekke Pot is available in 3 sizes:

  • The Snacker – 2.5 L
  • The Semi-Hungry – 3.5 L
  • The Big Boy Braai – 5 L

With these prices, make sure to add the Lekke Pot to your Christmas list!

To see the Lekke Pot in Action Click Here!