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Buddy Guard

Buddy Guard is a South African emergency service connected to a growing network of professional response and emergency teams. We find the closest team to you, during an emergency, so that you’re not dependent on one security company. Alert messages are instantly sent to the BüddyGuard team, all members linked in your circle and anyone you have selected to receive notifications via SMS.  There are no guessing games, just help when you need it FAST. For a minimal monthly emergency services fee, connect your whole family for added peace of mind.
The BüddyGuard device is a top-of-the-range panic button, boasting a 2 year battery life and using radio frequency transmission to get help, when your phone is not available. In addition the device makes use of GPS tracking and Wi-Fi signals to determine the location.
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App Available for iPhone or Android.
Google Play Store Link: Buddy Guard App 
iPhone App Store Link: Buddy Guard App
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