Petzl Tango 8.5mm x 60m Rope - White / Blue


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The Petzl Tango 8.5 half rope is designed for multi-pitch climbing. Thanks to the thickness of its sheath, its flexibility and its durability, it is easy to use with belay devices.



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The Petzl Tango 8.5mm x 60m Rope. With a skinny diameter and light weight, the Tango 8.5mm rope by Petzl is an ideal rope to use for multi-pitch rock climbing. Rated as both a half and twin rope, the Tango 8.5mm is a versatile climbing rope that works well with a number of different belay devices. The Tango has an Ultrasonic Finish, meaning that the core and sheath have been bonded together through an ultrasonic process, to keep any ends from fraying and highly increasing the overall durability of the rope. The EverFlex treatment uses thermal technology to stabilise the core strands and ensures the rope has good grip and great handling qualities.

The handy middle marker helps the belayer to identify the centre of the rope for abseiling and lowering or to judge the length climbed on routes. The ClimbReady coil lets you use the rope straight from the store to the crag.

Overall the Petzl Tango 8.5mm rope is a super half and twin rope ideal for long multi-pitch routes that offers superb handling, great longevity and versatility.


  • Rope specifically for multi-pitch climbing

             - use as half or twin rope
             - on rock

  • Greater longevity and ease of use:

             - UltraSonic Finish: the core and the sheath are bonded together at the rope ends by an ultrasonic process called UltraSonic Finish; gives greater durability and                    avoids frayed ends
             - ClimbReady coil: specific coil makes the rope ready for use; helps the user avoid initial uncoiling mistakes and increases longevity

  • More effective belaying:

            - diameter facilitates the use of various belay devices
            - Middle Mark: indicates the middle of the rope to facilitate maneuvers
            - EverFlex treatment: special thermal treatment stabilizes the core strands and improves consistency; offers excellent grip and consistent handling over time



Diameter  8,5mm
Rope type  (CE EN 892, UIAA) half rope, twin rope
 Weight per meter  47g
Percentage of sheath 39%
Number of factor 1,77 falls  10 (half rope), 28 (twin rope)
Static elongation  8.5 % (half rope), 7 % (twin rope)
Dynamic elongation  31 % (half rope), 30 % (twin rope)
Impact force  6.6 kN (half rope), 9.9 kN (twin rope)
Construction  48 carrier
Material(s)  nylon

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