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Oscar Classic Juicer - Pearl White


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Larger feeding tube & has containers for the pulp & juice
Produces nutrient and enzyme-rich juice due to low speed
BPA-free Ultem Tuff auger
4 pasta-making nozzles
Silent motor





The Oscar Classic Juicer is the juicer of choice when it comes to juicing! More than just a juicer, you can create delicacies with this versatile unit, like frozen sorbets (yes, with a juicer!), baby foods, crush fresh herbs and spices, non-dairy milk, and so much more! With its classic design and a new improved look at the processing parts and front-end, you will get a higher yield than with the Oscar Juicer DA1000. Buy this machine to experience real juicing, without the hassle, and save!



  • Larger feeding tube
  • Produces nutrient and enzyme-rich juice due to low speed
  • Containers for the pulp and the juice
  • BPA-free Ultem Tuff auger
  • One of the first juicers to be 100% BPA & BPS free
  • Produces very dry pulp saving you a fortune on produce
  • 4 pasta-making nozzles
  • Built-in handle
  • Silent motor
  • Little to no foam, especially when compared to centrifugal juicers
  • Fewer parts to assemble and disassemble


What can the Oscar Classic Juicer do

  • Ground coffee beans
  • Baby foods
  • Frozen fruit sorbets
  • Crushed fresh spices
  • Soybean milk
  • Kimchi
  • Pâté
  • Pasta (when pasta nozzles are attached)


Voltage 220v (50Hz) 63-75 RPM
Power 200 watt
Dimensions L 47cm x W 18cm X H 33.5cm
Weight 8.18 kg (In the box weight)

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