Vacuum Filtration Kit - 350 ml Funnel, 2 L Flask, Hand Vacuum Pump, Filter Paper


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An Extraction/Filtration Kit
350 ml Funnel, 2 L Flask, Hand Vacuum Pump, Filter Paper
Ideal for herbal oil extraction





The Vacuum Filtration Kit is ideal for herbal oil extraction.

Step 1: Grind Plant matter to a fine consistency.

Step 2: Soak your plant matter in an alcohol solution (Herbasol), let stand for 24 hours.

Step 3: Strain plant matter using cheesecloth or coffee filter, to remove the majority of the plant matter before a finer filtration.

Step 4: Pour the pre-filtered alcohol/plant solution into Buchner funnel and use the hand vacuum pump to filter the solution. You will now have a crude botanical oil/alcohol solution.

Apply Step 5 or Step 6+7

Step 5: Once your solution is filtered, evaporate the remaining alcohol (via heat, the sun and airflow etc.) to produce a crude botanical oil extract. You can recover the alcohol using either an alcohol still or rotary evaporator. A crude botanical oil extract can be used for edibles, dabs, soaps, essences or for other uses.

Step 6: Additional Winterisation Step for Producing High Purity Oil:  Before evaporating the alcohol, place the crude oil/alcohol solution in a low-temperature freezer (preferably below 20 C) for 24 to 48 hours. Dry ice (- 78.5 C) can also be used to speed up the process and produce a higher quality oil. The concentration of the alcohol may need to be adjusted for optimal results. Reducing the temperature of the alcohol/oil solution will precipitate out the plant lipids and waxes still present in the crude extract.

Step 7: Filter the low-temperature alcohol/oil solution using the filtration device, to produce a high purity oil/alcohol extract. Apply Step 5 to remove alcohol and produce final product.

 Assembly: Simply attach the glass Buchner funnel to the Erlenmeyer flask, then dampen your 15-20 µm filter paper and place in your Buchner Funnel (sealed onto the bottom).



  • 2000 ml Glass Erlenmeyer Flask (24/40 Ground Joint)
  • 350 ml Glass Buchner Funnel (70 mm, 15-40 µm Filter) (ID 6mm connector)
  • 24/40 Plastic Clip
  • Vacuum Tubing (ID 6 mm, OD 11 mm)
  • Handheld Vacuum Pump (550 mm Hg) (ID 6mm connector)
  • Filter Paper 70 mm, 15-20 µm (Medium Speed) - 100 Sheets/Pack



Glass Erlenmeyer Flask Capacity 2000 ml
Glass Buchner Funnel Capacity 350 ml
Glass Buchner Funnel Filter Size 70 mm, 15-40 µm Filter
Vacuum Tubing Size ID 6 mm, OD 11 mm
Filter Paper Size 70 mm, 15-20 µm

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