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Rik Rhino Rhinocam Camera Bundle - 18MP

Rik Rhino

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18MP Rik Rhino Rhinocam Camera
Rik Rhino Solar Panel - 2000mAH, 6V
P3 Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Rik Rhino CamoHide Camera Cover



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The Rik Rhino Rhinocam Camera Bundle features a Rik Rhino Wireless Outdoor IP Security Camera System, a P3 Smart Fingerprint Padlock, a Rik Rhino Solar Panel as well as a Rik Rhino CamoHide Camera Cover.

The Rhinocam, used with the unique RikRhino Mobile Application, the Rhinocam provides an early warning system directly to your mobile device. Triggered by human, or wildlife movement it automatically captures high-quality images that can be sent directly to your mobile device or Email via GSM/GPRS network.It is water and snow-resistant, with a highly sensitive passive infrared sensor (PIR), full colour during the day and IR at night. With black IR digital infra-red triggered by any movement. 

The P3 Smart Fingerprint Padlock enables you to biometrically protect your home, ensuring only you and those you choose are able to access your whatever you choose to padlock.

The Rik Rhino Solar Panel ensures that when it's connected, the Rhino Cam will use the solar charger as the priority power source, resorting to camera’s own power source only after the power from the solar charger is fully exhausted. Meaning more energy for longer for your Rik Rhino Camera, using a readily available resource for your outdoor surveillance camera. Designed with a sophisticated safeguard circuit in the case of overload and over discharge, the power will automatically be cut off, protecting the battery and ensuring its long-term use and reliability.

The Rik Rhino CamoHide Camera Cover is a camera cover that conceals your camera, helping conceal it from potential tampering or theft. The Rik Rhino CamoHide Camera Cover is available in: Marula, Sweet Thorn, Mopani, Leadwood, English Oak or Beech.



PLEASE NOTE: The Rik Rhino CamoHide Camera Cover is available in 6 Different "Wood" Types. Please specify which Type (specified above) you require when placing your order.



Rik Rhino Rhinocam Wireless IP LED Camera

  • 18 MP Interpolation
  • Image Sensor 5MP Colour CMOS
  • Lens f/ 2.4Field of view = 57º
  • PIR Detection range: 90ft
  • Display screen 1.44” LCD
  • Memory card from 8 to 32 GB
  • Image resolution: 18MP = 4864×3648 ; 14MP = 4032×3024 ; 10MP = 3648×2736 ; 5MP = 2560×1920
  • Two way comunication
  • Video resolution: 1920×1080 | 1280×720 | 640×480
  • Compatible with the new Rik Rhino App available on both Google Play and the App Store

P3 Smart Fingerprint Padlock

  • 2 Year Battery Life/2500 Usage
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Up to 10 finger Prints/users
  • IP65 Water and Dust Resistant

Rik Rhino Solar Panel

  • Built-in lithium polymer battery in QLM-SUN
  • Safe and resilient to extreme temperatures
  • 2000 mAH capacity
  • Safegaurd Circuit
  • The output current of the charger as high as 800 mA
  • Output voltage set at 6V
  • Waterproof design suitable for outdoor use
  • The panel comes with an adjustable easy-to-use mount, giving the panel an all-angle access to direct sunlight

Rik Rhino CamoHide Camera Cover

  • Mimics Wood
  • Custom made covers designed to fit Rik Rhino cameras that get attached to the tree with clips.
  • Various five colours and textures available.



Rik Rhino Rhinocam Wireless IP LED Camera
Dimensions 140x 87x 55mm
PIR Sensitivity Adjustable High, Normal, Low
Trigger Time 1.2s
Weight 0.30kg without battery
Storage Temperature -30ºC – +70ºC
Operation Temperature -20ºC – +60ºC
Power Supply AA Batteries x8
External DC 6V, 2A
Low Battery Alert LED Indicator
Sound Recording Yes
Mounting Rope/Belt/Python lock
Security Authentification Yes. FCC, CE, RoHS
Operation Humidity 5% – 90%
Fingerprint Padlock  
Material Aluminium alloy (body), stainless steel (shackle)
Weight                           124 g
Battery 300 mAh 3,7 V
Working Temperature -25°C to +80°C
Waterproof Grade        IP65, prevent from the rain and dust efficiently
Dimensions          48 x 75 x 16,4 mm (width x height with shackle x thickness)
Rik Rhino Solar Panel  
Capacity 2000 mAH
Battery lithium polymer
Output Current (up to) 800 mA
Output Voltage 6 Volts
Compatibility Rik Rhino Cameras

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