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Rigid Neutral White 4 LED Combo - 24V, 8A, 153.6W


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x4 LED Strips
Rigid for easy & firm application
The white spectrum sits roughly in the middle of the red and blue spectrum at 4200K to 6000K giving your plant all the light it needs for good growth.
With 8A, 24V Power Supply





The Rigid Neutral White 4 LED Combo features 4 Constant Current Rigid Neutral White LED Strips and a 8A 24V Power Supply.

The Constant Current Rigid Neutral l White LED Strip is the perfect solution for those who need extra light in their grow tent. Their rigidity enables you to quickly install the strip on flat surfaces, making them to be a very useful part of your growing experience.

White light is a combination of lights of different wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. White light can differ based on the specific Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) of light that is being produced. The lower the Kelvin temperature the more red or infra-red light is produced. The higher the Kelvin temperature the more blue light or UV light is produced. Depending on the light source and colour temperature of the light different types of whites are available.

Photosynthesis is the basis for plant development and uses multiple pigments within a plant to absorb light. Green Chlorophyll A and B are the most prominent pigments within a plant and mostly collect blue (400-500nm) and red light (600-700nm) for energy. Green light (510-580nm) is mostly reflected back and has weak light absorption by chlorophyll and little morphogenetic effect.

The white spectrum sits roughly in the middle of the red and blue spectrum at 4200K to 6000K giving your plant all the light it needs for good growth.

The 24V LED Strip Power Supply - 8AMP is designed to run 24V LED Lights. You will need a constant current power supply to run LED strip lights or LED rigid strip lights, but they can be used to run any 24V LED lights, for example, 24V downlights, panel lights, fans, controllers and floodlights.

It is not advisable to run your power supply at 100% constantly, we advise you to run it at 80% to 90% power. In order to size the power supply to the amount of wattage it runs at 80% power you need the following formula: Voltage x Amps = Wattage x 0.8 = Wattage at 80%. For example, 24V x 8A = 192W x 0.8 = 153.6W at 80% Power.

Please Note: LED lights produce less heat than traditional Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium resulting in less heat and more light. This, however, does not make LEDs more heat resistant and these LED strips would need external cooling when used in hot environments. 



  • Increased lifetime
  • Targeted wavelengths
  • Uses less energy
  • Rigid design makes it easier to install on flat surfaces
  • Less heat, more light
  • 24V Power Supply, 8A
  • x4 Cool White lights



Colour Neutral White
Power Use 40W per meter
Wattage 153.6W @ 80%
Input Voltage 24V
LED Length 1000mm
LED Width 40mm
AC Current Input 200 - 240V AC
Output 24V DC - 8A (192W @ 100% - 153.6W @ 80%)
IP Rating Non-Waterproof
Power Supply Dimensions 158x99x42mm (LxWxH)
Efficiency 92%

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