Nutrient Film Tech (NFT)

Earth Owl NFT System - 16 Pocket

Earth Owl

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Modular panels which are capable of handling two plants
An 11 Litre base tank
An Irrigation system to water plants with ease






The Earth Owl NFT System has 16 plant pockets and is a vertical growing tower with a fully integrated irrigation system ideal for family growing, self-sustenance and small-scale growing enthusiasts. The NFT(Nutrient Film Technique) system, which is easy to set up and operate, is a spray system with a rotating nozzle that continuously sprays a thin layer of water over the root structure of the plant. The roots are exposed to the nutrients in the water due to the continuous feeding cycle.

It is ideal to grow fast-growing plants that you can harvest in a few weeks. With this system, you can grow lettuces, mustard greens, kales, many oriental vegetables and herbs as well. A few edible flowers such as nasturtiums and pansies, which can be added to enrich salads and food presentations, can also be planted with this NFT system. You can use this system to get quick results and then plant new seedlings for future harvests. This will fulfil the dream of any home hobbyist by providing a green space and continuous supply of produce.



  • 8 x Modular panels (16 plants)
  • 11 x Litre base tank
  • 1 x Top cap
  • 16 x Growing baskets
  • 16 x Plant clamps
  • 16 x Clone sponges
  • 1 x Irrigation system
  • 1 x Nutrient pack = 40 litres



Modular Panels 8 (16 plants)
Top Cap 1
Growing Baskets 16
Plant Clamps 16
Clone Sponges 16
Base Tank 11 Litres
Nutrient Pack 1 pack makes 40 Litres

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