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Mushroom Factory Blue Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

The Mushroom Factory

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Grow your own oyster mushrooms
Harvest within 2 weeks
The freshest oyster mushrooms



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The Mushroom Factory Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit is a truly extraordinary and satisfying experience and the fruits of your fun are delicious and nutritious. The Mushroom Factory also makes a great gift idea. To maintain your mushroom factory all you have to do is add water, a bit of light, and love.

Oyster mushrooms need light to grow. Place your oyster mushrooms in a well-lit area - but not direct sunlight. The rule of thumb is that if there is enough light for you to read in, there is enough light for your mushrooms to grow. The best temperature for your mushroom factory is between 18-20 degrees. Your kit can also produce mushrooms between 12-25 degrees, but it will do better if kept in the 18-20 degree range.

You must water your factory by misting water onto the window and the humidity tent surface 2-3 times a day. Good movement of air is important for healthy mushroom growth. Fan your mushroom to circulate the air in the humidity tent when you water to keep your mushrooms happy. You will soon see if your mushrooms aren't getting enough air - they will develop long spindly stems and small caps.

Please Note: Harvesting your mushrooms from the time your mushrooms start growing, they should double in size every day. They will be ready to pick after about a week. Pick the mushrooms while the edges of the caps are still curled down. If you leave the mushrooms to grow bigger, you will end up with poorer quality mushrooms. Pick all the mushrooms at the same time by carefully twisting them off at the base. Don’t cut the mushrooms off at the base, this may cause stump rot, and a rotten stump means fewer mushrooms on your next flush.



  • Grow your own oyster mushrooms
  • Harvest within 2 weeks
  • The freshest oyster mushrooms
  • Recyclable



Ideal Growing Conditions (Essential Ingredients) Light, Temperature, Water, Air
Water 2-3 times a day
Temperature 18-20 degrees
Growing within 15 days


Growing your mushrooms

  • Remove the sleeve and open the box.
  • Remove the spray bottle, humidity tent, an alcohol swab. Open the perforated window in the front of the box and expose the mushroom bag.
  • Close the top of the box. Sterilize the exposed area of the inner plastic bag using the swab.
  • Use the swab sterilize a sharp knife and cut 3 "X" shaped slits 1 cm x 1 cm in the front of the inner bag. They may seem small but trust us - we’ve done this before.
  • Place the box in the humidity tent indoors, in a light area, and out of direct sunlight! Keep the top of the humidity tent open to allow airflow around your mushrooms.
  • Humidity is really important for your mushrooms to thrive. Spray the inside of the humidity tent 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Your mushrooms should start growing within 15 days.

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