Superfrass Organic Craft Soil Additive - 15dcm3


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Living soil high in micro-organisms
High water retention
Slow release nutrients




Superfrass Organic Craft Soil Additive - 15dcm3 is a Black Soldier Fly Larvae based plant growth enhancer and pesticide, ideal for flowers, vegetable, fruits, and lawns. Superfrass is a living soil, full of beneficial micro organisms which increase the health of the soil. This living ecosystem introduces beneficial bacteria and fungi into your growing environment to help rejuvenate and regenerate your soil.

‘Frass’ is a term used to describe the casting (poop) and exoskeletons left behind after insect larvae are removed from a compost pile. Frass is loaded with far more nutrients than ordinary soil and is typically used to stimulate plant growth. It can be used on the farm, in the home garden, or even for houseplants.

Superfrass contains chitin, a protein found in the exoskeletons of insects, exposing plants to this boosts the natural defence of plants against potential predators. Making it the optimal additive for all growing environments. Superfrass is a natural, high-quality organic soil additive that stimulates, regenerates and protects your plants.

Packed with macro-elements (N, P, K) and micro-nutrients (Zn, Cu, etc.), which enable your plants to grow robustly. Contains cellulosic fibres that bind nutrients for a slow-release benefit.

Ideal for: Flowering, vegetables, fruits, lawns.


Lightly sprinkle the required dosage of Superfrass (see table below) over the soil surrounding the plant and immediately water.


Use 4 parts water per 1 part Superfrass. (400ml of water for every 100g of superfrass) Apply every two weeks.

- Fruit trees 160 – 180g per hole
- Established Vines – 1000 – 1500kg per hectare
- Established trees – 500g per tree
- Vegetables – 500 – 1000kg per hectare
- Scrubs 100g per scrub Flower beds – 150g per square meter
- Lawns – 100 – 200g per square meter Roses – 150g per plant
- Cannabis – 200g per plant I



  • Packed with macro-elements
  • Living soil high in micro-organisms
  • High water retention
  • Slow release nutrients
  • Black soldier fly larvae based
  • Bio-pesticide



Volume (dm3) 15

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