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Deluxe Stealth Grow Tent Combo - 120 x 120 cm, 600W HID Air-Cooled, Just Cannabis

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SKU: DGTC-120-120-600W-Stealth-J


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Just Cannabis Craft Cocopeat Soil
Molasses & Epsom Salt
120 x 120 cm Grow Space
600W HID Light Setup
Silent Series Fan
6 - 8 Plants Capacity
Big Yield Potential





The deluxe grow tent combo's include all the items needed in order to simply drop n grow with the added benefit of allowing you to choose your growing medium and nutrient.

Ideal for the grower who has experience in handling more than a handful of plants. Our 120 x 120 grow tent combo's come with all the trimmings needed in order to grow your perfect harvest.

Each 120 x 120 combo comes with an air-cooled reflector or an LED grow light, carbon filter, humidity control, timers and more! Six plants are recommended for optimal growing but eight plants can be grown within this combo too!

The stealth grow tent combo features a 600W HID setup which concludes of a 6" air-cooled reflector paired with a 600W HPS and a 600W MH grow bulb all operated by a 600W ballast giving you the power you need to yield top-quality crops! The standard fan is replaced with an S&P TD-500/150-160 Silent Series Duct Fan which is a low profile fan with sound-absorbent insulation.

To read more about each individual unit in this combo please follow the link in the contents list below.


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