Escape Gear Seat Covers

Escape Gear Seat Covers Jeep Cherokee Sport (mid 2004 - 2008) - 2 Non-Electric Fronts

Escape Gear

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Protects upholstery
Made from heavy duty, luxurious, 100% cotton canvas or Waterproof Tuff Canvas
Custom Fit to each vehicle
Cool, comfortable and breathable
Water, dust and oil repellent



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Product Description

Cotton Canvas
Escape Gear 100% cotton seat covers are made from heavy duty 510g fabric, and are custom fit/vehicle specific. This means they fit snugly around your upholstery, and the fabric doesn't bunch when you climb in and out of your vehicle.Escape Gear cotton canvas seat covers are cool and comfortable, especially during long distance driving in summer heat. They are water repellent which means spilt liquids won't seep through.

Water Proof Tuff Canvas
What exactly makes our Tuff Canvas seat cover fabric so special? In simple terms, it’s a specially formulated polycotton, combining the comfort and feel of cotton with the technical features, durability and wear resistance of a synthetic product. Which means that it’s perfect for rugged applications such as construction, mining, forestry, commercial fishing, water sport and 4x4 expeditions. It protects your original seat upholstery from harsh and aggressive conditions, and ensures that your vehicle’s interior remains in tip-top condition, long after you’ve moved on to another vehicle.

SRS Airbag Friendly
Escape Gear seat covers are made with a specially constructed seam which is designed to burst open without slowing down the airbag deployment. The seam itself is sewn with a specific breaking strength thread. The sewing machines are set to sew at predetermined seam interval tension. There are a number of design possibilities; a zip, a flap, a void or a seam. Of all of them, we believe the seam offers the neatest, most functional and most practical solution for side airbags. To be of maximum protection in the event of a collision, the side airbag needs to deploy to full size within 10 milliseconds of impact. With Escape Gear seat cover on, the side airbag deployed to its maximum size (in three laboratory tests) in an average time of 8.4 milliseconds. It is very reassuring to know that their airbag seam design works functionally and practically, and you, the motorist, have peace of mind knowing that your airbags will work properly.

Best of all they are Proudly South African with all seat covers made in Cape Town!


Escape Gear Seat Covers - Available Colours



Cotton Canvas
  • Protects upholstery
  • Made from heavy duty, luxurious, 100% cotton canvas
  • Custom Fit to each vehicle
  • Cool, comfortable and breathable
  • No static build up
  • Airbag compliant
  • Water, dust and oil repellent
  • Handy side and back pockets
  • Hand washable
Waterproof Tuff Canvas
  • Protects upholstery
  • Made from highly abrasion resistant, robust waterproof fabric
  • Custom Fit to each vehicle
  • Suitable for commercial fishing, water sport and 4x4 expeditions
2 Year warranty against faulty fabric and manufacturing

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