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Extraction Kit Combo 1 - Vacuum Filtration Kit 1L + Herbasol 1L + Activated Carbon 450g + Diatomaceous Earth 250g

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An Extraction/Filtration Kit
200 ml Funnel, 1 L Flask, Hand Vacuum Pump, Filter Paper
Herbasol Extraction Alcohol - 1L
450g Activated Carbon
250g Diatomaceous Earth
Ideal for herbal oil extraction





This Extraction Kit Combo is ideal for herbal extraction and filtration. Featuring a Vacuum Filtration Kit and Herbasol Extraction Alcohol.

Herbasol - Oil Extraction


The Vacuum Filtration Kit is ideal for herbal oil extraction.

Step 1: Grind Plant matter to a fine consistency.

Step 2: Soak your plant matter in an alcohol solution (Herbasol), let stand for 24 hours.

Step 3: Strain plant matter using cheesecloth or coffee filter, to remove the majority of the plant matter before a finer filtration.

Step 4: Pour the pre-filtered alcohol/plant solution into Buchner funnel and use the hand vacuum pump to filter the solution. You will now have a crude botanical oil/alcohol solution.

Apply Step 5 or Step 6+7

Step 5: Once your solution is filtered, evaporate the remaining alcohol (via heat, the sun and airflow etc.) to produce a crude botanical oil extract. You can recover the alcohol using either an alcohol still or rotary evaporator. A crude botanical oil extract can be used for edibles, dabs, soaps, essences or for other uses.

Step 6: Additional Winterisation Step for Producing High Purity Oil:  Before evaporating the alcohol, place the crude oil/alcohol solution in a low-temperature freezer (preferably below 20 C) for 24 to 48 hours. Dry ice (- 78.5 C) can also be used to speed up the process and produce a higher quality oil. The concentration of the alcohol may need to be adjusted for optimal results. Reducing the temperature of the alcohol/oil solution will precipitate out the plant lipids and waxes still present in the crude extract.

Step 7: Filter the low-temperature alcohol/oil solution using the filtration device, to produce a high purity oil/alcohol extract. Apply Step 5 to remove alcohol and produce final product.

 Assembly: Simply attach the glass Buchner funnel to the Erlenmeyer flask, then dampen your 15-20 µm filter paper and place in your Buchner Funnel (sealed onto the bottom).


Herbasol Extraction Alcohol is a herbal extract solvent designed to break down plant cells in order to obtain key ingredients within the cells.

Herbasol's ability to extract efficiently without losing or altering existing terpenes makes it a quality solvent for your product. It is a highly recommended product due to the ease of use and extraction performance. An ideal product for oil extraction - Try it for yourself.



To filter out any discolouration activated carbon or diatomaceous earth can be used for a cleaner and more clear final oil.






Glass Erlenmeyer Flask Capacity 1000 ml
Glass Buchner Funnel Capacity 200 ml
Glass Buchner Funnel Filter Size 70 mm, 15-40 µm Filter
Vacuum Tubing Size ID 6 mm, OD 11 mm
Filter Paper Size 70 mm, 15-20 µm
Herbasol Alcohol Fully Denatured 97.9% Purity
Herbasol Ingredients Alcohol, Ethyl Acetate
Activated Carbon Amount 450g
Diatomaceous Earth Amount 250g

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