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Flexstar 645W Pro LED Grow Light - 645W - Underneath View

Flexstar 645W Pro LED Grow Light - 645W





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Total PAR (PPF): 1772 umol/s
Efficacy (PPE): 2.75 umol/J
Input Power: 645W
Full Spectrum (White) light
Dimmable from 40-100 percent
Passive Thermal Cooling



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This is the Flex Star 645 Watt professional Horticulture grow light. This folding light comes preassembled. It has a really large footprint, its dimension is 127.34cm x 110.76cm. You have the option of attaching the drivers directly on top of the LED bars with rubberized plastic mounting clips or you can keep the driver outside your tent if you prefer.

The LEDs are spread out over six individual bars, which passively cool the PCBs through an anodized aluminium rear plate. The six bars are configured in a foldable design. This allows easy transport and the LEDs themselves are Samsung 5630 3000K warm white and 6500k cool white LEDs and in between those are space as round 3535, 660-nanometer red Led diodes. This gives a light of full-spectrum coverage and makes it ideal for pretty much any type of growing situation. The driver is Flex Stars own and it's dimmable, so the dimmable function goes from 40%, 50%, 60%, 80% or 100%.

 Flexstar Spectrum


  • More than 50% higher in PPDF compared with HID lamps 

  • Energy saving with 37% lower power consuption than HID lamps 
  • Slim design that is foldable up to 180 degrees, making it small, compact and easy to install
  • Dimmable: 0-10V Dimming 
  • P66 Waterproof



Total PAR (PPF) 1772 μmol/s
Efficacy (PPE) 2.75 μmol/J
Input Power 645W
Light Source Samsung 3030 & OSRAM 3535
Spectrum Full Spectrum (White)
Input Voltage 120V ; 208V ; 240V ; 277V
Input Current 5.38A ; 3.10A ; 2.69A ; 2.33A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Fixture Dimensions 127.34 x 110.76 x 6.7 cm
Weight 12.55 kg
Temperature Ambient 35 Degrees Celcius / 95 Degrees Fahrenheit
Mounting Height 6" Above Canopy
Thermal Management Passive
External Control Signal RJ Connector
Dimming Option 40% / 50% / 60% / 80% / 100%
Light Distribution 120  Degrees
Lifetime L90: >54,000 Hours
Power Factor >90%
Waterproof Rate IP66

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  1. Quality

    By Kimbo February 21, 2021

    This is a bit over kill for a home setup however it does produce top shelf quality. Before this I ran cod leds and quantum boards which are prone to bleaching tops. This light gives more par without bleaching.

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