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PHD Powerhouse ST2020-L Line Interactive Pure Sinewave UPS Kit - 2kVA, 48V

PHD Powerhouse
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Kit includes ST2020-L UPS, 4 x 100Ah batteries and A4 battery cabinet



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The PHD Powerhouse ST2020-L Line Interactive Pure Sinewave UPS Kit is a T2 series launched in 2005 and supersedes the highly regarded PHD IP Series UPS. The T2 Series benefits from the latest Microprocessor Control Unit (MCU) technology, and now offers even greater value for money. The T2 is aimed at users that require protection from line voltage fluctuations and require a reliable and constant power source. The T2 is a sophisticated unit utilizing full digital control technology. Available with a power rating of 2kVA with LCD and audible alarm keeping you quickly updated on mains and battery status. The T2 is also fitted with an intelligent test button enabling a self-test routine which also prevents the UPS from being inadvertently switched off.

The PHD Powerhouse A4 Battery Cabinet is an essential item to have in your office or factory to sufficiently house your batteries that keep your business running during power cuts. Through cutting-edge research and innovation, advanced engineered power products for backup battery cabinets have become essential to our energy future. When the power goes out, battery backups ensure that the Internet, cloud-based data, financial and health records stay accessible. The role of batteries in producing emergency power supply for industries across the country is vital for our infrastructure.

The Forbatt Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery delivers a full 100Ah of power capacity. Suitable for alarms, gates and electric fences. 


ST2020-L UPS

  • Extensive log files
  • Scheduled battery and inverter testing
  • Scheduled system shut down/restart
  • User-Customisable commands and messages
  • Multiple UPS control from a single computer
  • Remote Console Command module for remote multiple server shut down
  • Internal SNMP sub-agent for integration into existing NMS


  • 12V
  • 100Ah power capacity
  • Lead-acid maintenance-free rechargeable battery
  • Includes 4 batteries

A4 Battery Cabinet

  • A4 Battery Cabinet
  • Fits 4 x 100AH batteries
  • Perfect fit for home or office use



ST2020-L UPS  
Maximum Capacity 2000VA/1400W
Input Voltage Range 220/230/240VAC ± 25% (Single Phase w/Ground)
Input Frequency 44Hz ~ 56Hz
Output Voltage 220/230/240VAC ± 2%
Output THD < 3%
Efficiency (Battery Mode) 82%
Output Frequency (Battery Mode) 50 ± 0.1Hz 
Overload Capability (Normal Mode) Sustaining 5 min at (100 – 200%); 3 sec at (> 200%)  
Overload Capability (Battery Mode) Sustaining 30 sec at (> 100%); 1 sec at (150%) 
Battery Type Sealed lead-acid maintenance-free 12VDC / 7Ah per cell
Number of Batteries 4 cells
Recharge Time to 90% < 8 hours (Adjustable)
Charge Current of Long  10A
LCD AC Mode, Battery Mode, Output Status, Battery Capacity, Overload, UPS Fault
Audible Alarm  
Battery Mode Long Beeping
Low Battery Continuous Beeping
Overload Short Beeping
Dimensions (W x H x D)  220mm x 330mm x 487mm 
Weight 32kg
Operating Temperature -5 ~ 40C
Relative Humidity < 95% (Non-Condensing)
Audible Noise <45dBA at 1 meter
Communication Port Standard RS232: USB or SNMP/HTTP (optional)
A4 Battery Cabinet  
Height 625 mm
Width 412 mm
Depth 428 mm
Nominal Voltage 12 V
Rated Capacity (20hr Rate) 100 Ah
Length 330 mm
Width 174 mm
Height 219 mm
Total Height 227 mm
Weight Approx. 30.01 kg
Capacity (25°C)  
20 Hour Rate 100 Ah
10 Hour Rate 92 Ah
5 Hour Rate 85 Ah
1 Hour Rate 65 Ah
Internal Resistance  
Full Charged (25°C) 5 mΩ
Capacity Affected by Temperature (10 Hour Rate) 
40°C 102%
25°C 100%
0°C 85%
-15°C 65%
Self-Discharge (25°C)  
Capacity After 3 Month Storage 90%
Capacity After 6 Month Storage 85%
Capacity After 9 Month Storage 65%
Charge (Constant Voltage)  
Initial Charge Current ''LESS'' than 30 A
Cycle 14.2 - 14.5V / (25°C)
Stand By 13.4 - 13.7V / (25°C)

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