Whiskas Meaty Nugget Cat Food - Gournet Platter, 2kg


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Antioxidants to boost immune system
Aids muscle growth and tissue repair
Contains essential vitamins and minerals
Fatty acids ensure a shiny coat and soft, healthy skin



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Satisfy your cats curiosity for interesting tastes and textures when comes to meal times. Natural instinct tells them to go hunt but with Whiskas you can be sure that your feline won't be out hunting soon. Instead, they will promptly remind you it's dinner time. The Whiskas Meaty Nugget Cat Food taste ensures that they remain gently wild at heart.



  • Whiskas contains a blend of antioxidants that boosts your cats natural defence system against disease.
  • Provides all the protein your cat needs to aid muscle growth and tissue repair.
  • Contains all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain and improve your cats vital senses.
  • Glossy skin and coat, Ensure beautifully soft, shiny coat with essential fatty acids.
  • Maintain your cats urinary tract health with Whiskas healthy mineral content.



Length (mm) 255
Weight (kg) 2
Width (mm) 215
Height (mm) 80
Ingredients Protein: 280g/kg (min)
Moisture: 100g/kg (max)
Fat: 115g/kg (min)
Fibre: 30g/kg (max)
Ash: 80g/kg (max)
Taurine: (min)

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