About Us

Who is Futurama?

Futurama is more than just another shop that wants to make money. We are a company on a mission.

Our mission is to create a company that exists to serve and benefit people through the products and services that we offer.
For us Futurama is only the beginning. In the future our company will do much more than just sell products. As we grow we will enter industries that will allow us to create social, economic and environmental change.

Right now, we are working hard to turn Futurama into a world leading store that provides customers with the best possible prices on products, expert advice on what to buy, and outstanding customer service. Your support will help to make this vision a reality, and we welcome you to join us on our journey to the future.

Why the name Futurama?

When we originally started in 2013, our store was called Outdoor Depot and we only sold outdoor products. Outdoor is what we knew well, so it was a logical starting point for us. When we decided to expand our range of products we needed a new name and domain that would represent our focus on providing customers with the latest and best products and our ability to provide expert advice. After endless hours of brainstorming and checking the availability of domain names (almost everything is already taken) we finally decided on Futurama. We got the name from the cartoon TV show called Futurama and felt that it represented what we wanted to achieve perfectly. It combines the words "Future" with "rama" which means "spectacular display or instance of". We want to show and bring people the future.

Are we really experts?

Yes we are! Our team is highly knowledgeable and can provide you with Expert Advice on What to Buy.
We have a team that together have built up years of experience particularly in Hunting & Outdoor products, Astronomy, Optics, Night Vision, Metal Detectors, Pet products and Weather Stations.
Unlike other online stores (we won't mention any names, you know who you are) we can help you find the right product for your purpose. We won't sell you something you don't need or that doesn't suit your requirements. For us it is much more important to have happy customers.

Where is Futurama located?

Futurama is an online shop, and we have a physical store in Somerset West, Cape Town
(Please note that we only keep a small number of our products at our shop)

We courier our products anywhere in the country to a street address.
If you would like to arrange to pick up an item from our shop, please call us to arrange that this can be done.

Somerset Mall store: (Now open!)
Shop 4, The Flags@Circle 5 building
Cnr Centenary Dr and Reese Rd
Somerset Mall
Somerset West, Cape Town

Futurama Somerset West Shop Futurama Somerset West Shop Futurama Somerset West Shop Futurama Somerset West Shop Futurama Somerset West Shop Futurama Somerset West Shop Futurama Somerset West Shop Futurama Somerset West Shop Futurama Somerset West Shop

Business Details

Registered company name: Ultranexus (Pty) Ltd
Registration no:K2011/114945/07
VAT no: 4390263624
Operational since:2013

Branch code:200612
Account type:Cheque
Acc no: 62329776184

Bank:ABSA Bank
Branch:Somerset West
Branch code:632005 (ABSA Global Branch Code)
Account type:Cheque
Acc no: 4088551699