Payment Methods

Which payment methods are available?

Bank transfer payment and Credit Card

Do I need to email my proof of payment when paying via EFT?

Yes, usually your bank gives you the option of entering the recipients email address when you load up the beneficiaries banking details. If your bank doesn’t give you this option, you are welcome to email your proof of payment directly to and state your order number as a reference. This will speed up the processing time of your order.

Banking Details:

Bank: First National Bank Bank: ABSA Bank
Branch: Strand Branch: Somerset West
Branch code: 200612 Branch code: 632005 (ABSA Global Branch Code)
Account name: ULTRANEXUS (Pty) Ltd Account name: ULTRANEXUS (Pty) Ltd
Account number: 62329776184 Account number: 4088551699
Account type: Cheque Account type: Cheque

*Use your order number as a reference. e.g. #6356