ARB Elements Portable Fridge/Freezer - 60L


Stainless steel exterior Gas strut Touchpad controls

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The ARB Elements Portable Fridge/Freezer - 60L is packed full of features, and re-engineered to survive naked out in the elements, our latest fridge freezer is packed with unique features that not only protect and secure, but also make accessing your food and drinks even easier. ARBs No Holds Barred approach saw our engineers include features previously left on the cutting room floor. Features formerly only dreamt about!

With a body and hinges chiseled from stainless steel, anodised aluminium latches, UV resistant trim and clever, protected placement of electrical connections, the new ARB weatherproof fridge is capable of withstanding anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Whether it be holding the lid with one hand, jamming it against the headliner or resting it against your head, weve become accustomed to compromise when attempting to hold the lid of our 4WD fridges open. We solved it before with our removable lid, but the new weatherproof fridge takes things a step further, with the introduction of our innovative new strut that holds the lid open in any position (from closed to upright), making it easier to grab the drinks on your next shout.

Temperature control, low voltage cut-out, and now security all at the touch of a button. The weatherproof fridges user friendly touchpad control panel allows full functionality with the lid open, but securely prevents unwanted adjustment or access with its unique user selected locking code. Whether its the contents, or the fridge itself, mounting it in the back of a ute or sitting it around the campsite means you need security, and the ARB weatherproof fridge has plenty. To stop your beers wandering around the campsite, a unique magnetic lock, activated by the touchpad control panel, prevents unauthorised access or tampering with temperature settings. For additional security, a padlock recess is built into the exterior and an optional bolt down mounting kit, makes the fridge a permanent fixture in the back of your 4WD.

Convenience is an indispensable benefit that many consumers enjoy from owning a portable frigde. It can be effortlessly relocated to from one area to another area within the house or can be moved to the backyard or swimming pool area without any difficulty. Due to their compact size, this portable refrigerator is quite light in weight and can be easily moved by one person. As a compact fridge owner, you can also take it with you on the road while traveling. Unlike the regular refrigerators that are bulky, this compact fridge is designed to save space that make it simpler to place it anywhere in your house. Also, since it does not take up too much space, you can still have ample room to fit in other types of kitchen appliances that you want to purchase.

One perfect place where your compact fridge can prove to be extremely useful is your workplace. You can place the fridge near your desk and store you snacks and beverages in it. Moreover, it can be a wonderful place for storing lunch because you can have more varieties of foods for your lunches. It will also help you save some money since you wont have to buy items from the expensive beverage and snack vending machines. Additionally, at home, you can place the fridge in your mini-bar area or in your entertainment room to avoid getting up again and again to get beverages or snacks from the fridge in the kitchen. One of the key benefits you will obtain when purchasing this portable refrigerator is the choice of having additional storage space for bottled drinks, fresh meat and other frozen foods. This bonus storage option offered by the compact fridge can also be useful when you plan to defrost your regular refrigerator.



  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Gas strut
  • Touchpad controls
  • Magnetic lock
  • UV resistant
  • Weatherproof fridge
  • Temperature control
  • Low voltage cut-out
  • Built in padlock recess



Brand ARB
Capacity 60 litres
External Dimensions 440 mm (H) x 490 mm (W) x 820 mm (D)
Internal Dimensions Fruit & Dairy Compartment:Fruit & Dairy Compartment: 144 mm (H) x 355 mm (W) x 156 mm (D). Main Compartment: 332 mm x 355 mm (W) x 477 mm (D)
Weight 31.8 kg
Cooling Capacity +10 degrees Celsius -18 Degrees Celsius
Power Built-in 12/24V DC and 100-240 V AC powerr
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