FullMelt Filtration Hash Bag - 90 microns

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The sidewalls are 115 GSM, 100% polyester
Easy to secure over the rim of a 20L or 25 L bucket
Volume of 39 L



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The FullMelt Filtration Hash Bag - 90 microns is all you need for extracting herbal resins and pollens from plant matter. FullMelt Filtration Hash Bags are handmade and locally produced in South Africa.


Each micron screen variation has a porosity value greater than 30%. Micron opening Sizes (MOS) are secured through weave patterns and the mesh weave is heat-sealed to further ensure the MOS is secured. It has a large mesh surface area with two lines of double reinforced stitching which secures the mesh to the side wall.

This product is handmade and locally produced in South Africa with materials sourced from internationally recognized leaders in the mining and chemical filtration industry.


The filtration mesh is sourced from Switzerland from the global leader in mining and chemical filtration mesh manufacture. The design and manufacture of each filtration bag has been graded to international standards for mining filtration applications. There is an increased rate of filtration due to 30%+ porosity value on each filtration mesh.
The filtration mesh surface area is 700 square centre meters (cm²) or 30 cm diameter. The secured weave pattern limits morphing potential of the Micron Open Size (MOS) of each mesh under the pressure/weight of filtration, also the mesh weave is heat sealed to ensure specific Micron Opening Size (MOS) is maintained over repeated use.

PU coating ensures water and oil proof finish on both sides of the filtration bags side wall fabric. PVC and laminate free. It is made of light and durable side wall fabric. It is easily secured over the rim of a 20 L or 25 L bucket due to 40 cm diameter rim. Easy access to particulate collected in the filtration mesh. Contain handles for easy manoeuvring of the filtration bags during the filtration process and quality assurance specification based on industrial standards laid out by the mining and chemical filtration industries.



  • Each mesh variation is defined by its Micron (µm) opening size.
  • The 90 µm mesh variation has been woven into a plain weave pattern and have been secured in place using heat.
  • Each micron screen has a porosity value greater than 30% insuring that the rate of filtration is fast.
  • The mesh is woven using a nylon 6,6 23 µm diameter thread.
  • Each mesh is 30 cm in diameter and has been secured to the base of the bags with two double lines of stitching.
  • The side walls are a 115 GSM, 100% polyester.
  • Woven into a Poly Oxford pattern.
  • Polyurethane coating on both sides of the side walls. This ensures a water and oil proof finish.
  • Each rim of the bags (top and bottom) has been reinforced with a line of web tape.
  • Each bag is slightly conical.
  • Easy to secure over the rim of a 20 L or 25 L bucket.
  • The volume of each bag is 39 L.
  • There is a 30 cm diameter mesh base that tapers up to 40 cm open rim.
  • Each bag in the set is colour coded with the specific micron (µm) size of the bags’ screen.
  • Each bag has two handles.



Weight 200 g
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 20 cm
Volume 39 L

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