Air Pruning Pot - 20 Litre

Compact Increased oxygen Self pruning
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The Air Pruning Pot - 20 Litre are compact pots, designed to allow your plants to grow larger, with healthier roots. These circular pots feature a corrugated side wall with openings for additional air uptake. Traditional hard pots force your roots to circle the edge of the pot making poor use of the available space to the centre of the pot. These Root pruning pots work differently When a root reaches one of the open slots it is pruned by the air and light. The plant then sends signals to the roots that new shoots are required, and the increased root growth begins. In a short period of time a much larger and healthier root system has been produced with the ability to take in more water, nutrients, and oxygen which in turn produces a bigger more prolific plant in less time.

Aeration provides a healthy environment for the roots as well as supports beneficial microorganisms and bacteria. Aeration provides oxygen to the roots, which is essential for the metabolic process in taking up minerals and nutrients. Oxygen is also necessary to diffuse carbon dioxide away from the roots caused by the respiration of root cells and microorganisms. Roots without adequate access to oxygen will result in weak plants that exhibit slow growth and are predisposed to pests and diseases.



  • Compact
  • Increased oxygen
  • Self pruning
  • Healthier plants
  • Lightweight
  • High capacity



Capacity 20L
Colour Black
Material Plastic
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