Essentials pH Meter With Memory Function

Shock and water resistant 10 reading memory space 150 Hours battery life Auto shut-off
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The Essentials pH Meter With Memory Function is a highly accurate, professional meter. Easy to use, water resistant, tough and reliable for a minimum of 365 tests. The Essentials pH meter is the perfect choice for easy, quick pH testing. Complete with sturdy case for storage and protection, batteries and a sachet of buffer 7 for easy calibration the Essentials pH meter is the perfect choice for precise pH testing, simply dip the probe into the solution, stir and allow around 20 seconds for the meter to deliver a reading. This will be indicated by a beep.

All pH meters are temperature sensitive. A benefit of the Essentials pH meter is that it has Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), which corrects the reading with respect to temperature. On meters without ATC, the pH should be checked at the same time of day each time in order to minimise any temperature related fluctuations.

The Essentials pH Meter contains a special probe which measures the pH of a liquid. The end of the meter is dipped into the nutrient solution and switched on. After a short time, the display will settle and pH of the liquid will be shown on the LCD readout. Once a reading has been taken, the display will lock until another button is pressed, giving you chance to remove the meter from the solution and to read the display. The Essentials digital pH Meter is water-resistant but not water-proof so it should never be fully submerged. Calibration is a simple push-button operation and the unit has an auto switch-off facility to preserve battery life. The meter is straightforward to use and has proved to be reliable and accurate making it great value-for-money.

To grow plants successfully, particularly in hydroponics, it is necessary to monitor and adjust the pH of your nutrient solution on a regular basis. In general, plants grown in hydroponics like a pH of approximately between 5.5 and 6.5 (plant species dependant) with a little bit of variation within this range. This is because plants can only absorb certain nutrients at a pH close to 5.5 and others at a pH closer to 6.5. If your nutrient solution strays out of this optimum range for too long, your plants will not be able to absorb all the nutrients that they need and will become deficient, leading to slowed growth and eventually sickness. To avoid pH problems, and the plant problems that it can cause, it is wise to check and adjust the pH of your nutrient solution very regularly (every day if possible). Soil grown plants tend to like a pH of around 6.5. A good way of finding out the pH of your soil is to test the run-off water which comes out of the bottom of the pot when you water.



  • 1-3 year life span
  • Memory Function - This allows a grower to check and log changes in the EC levels and correlate changes to potential alterations that may be taking place
  • Water resistant - If the meter is accidently dropped in a solution, it will float and not break if taken out of the liquid immediately and dried quickly
  • Shock resistant - Shock resistance allows for accidental dropping of the instrument without breaking
  • Low Battery Alert - Gives a warning when there is 2 hours running time left, so you can change the battery in good time
  • Energy saving shut-off - Turns off the meter when it is not in use
  • Simple Calibration using VitaLink Essentials Calibration Fluid - Some meters can be complicated to calibrate. Simply dip the probe in the solution and press the CAL button until CAL appears onscreen.



Range 0.0 to 14.0 pH
Resolution 0.1 pH
Accuracy +/- 0.2 pH
Battery 4 x 1.5 V button Cell
Battery Life Approximately 150 hours (continuous)
Auto Shut-off Approximately 15 minutes
Product Life At least 365 Tests
Operating Temperature 0°C - 50°C
Dimensions 170mm x 32mm x 15mm
Weight Approximately 70g
Memory Space 10 readings
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