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what is the iapf?

The IAPF was founded in 2009 and operates in southern and East Africa. The focus of the organization is ecosystem preservation, achieved through the two key functions of training and operations. The operational model is Akashinga, a community-driven conservation program, empowering disadvantaged women to restore and manage networks of wilderness areas. Training is conducted under the LEAD Ranger initiative, a program of excellence, building field-based indigenous leadership and instructional capacity across Africa’s conservation industry. Registered in four countries, Dr Jane Goodall is the Patron and they have supported their trained rangers that help protect over 20 million acres of wilderness across the continent.

Organizational Overview:
AUSTRALIA: IAPF Ltd. ABN: 57142987782 (Not-for-Profit)
SOUTH AFRICA: IAPF Trust – is a registered Not-For-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation with 18a status. (PBO No: 930045174)
USA: IAPF Inc. which is a registered not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. (Tax ID: 32-0408734)

Each IAPF entity is governed by a Board of Directors or Trustees. One member from each Board sits on an international Steering Committee which administrates collaboration and governance between those entities. Guidance is sought where needed from key partners, industry experts and the IAPF Advisory Committee.

Their employees and team of volunteers across the world ensure that projects are delivered efficiently and effectively and that the message of conservation keeps spreading. To all those people, far and wide, they thank you. IAPF has the Platinum Seal of approval from independent charity evaluator GuideStar that measures transparency and showcases the progress & results made towards their mission. This is the highest level that GuideStar recognizes and less than 0.5% of nonprofits in the USA earn it.

COVID-19 Open Letter to Humanity

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on protecting and preserving wildlife and the environment through direct action and community leadership.  Now more than ever the natural world and life as we know it is under threat. With so many feeling helpless right now, they have created this ‘open letter to humanity’ to help give you back some control. Please sign and share it with your networks.

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