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Kuto Standard Dehydrator

Kuto Standard Dehydrator


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Digital touchpad control
Temperature and time settings
Quiet operation
Clear door
Large drying capacity
Easy to clean





The Kuto Standard Dehydrator is a super accessible stairway to a whole new level of food preparation. Access untold new ways to enjoy your favourite fruit, vegetables, meats, whatever your imagination can muster. The six shelves have enough room to accommodate a range of goodies; from the greatest of grapefruits to the most petit of pumpkin seeds. The Kuto dehydrator comes with SOP (Safety Overheating Protection) technology that protects the dehydrator from overheating at any point making it one of the safest dehydrators on the market.



  • Increase height between trays - Trays can also be removed to create space for drying larger items
  • Dehydration Area - The Kuto dehydrator offers over 0.5sq meter area of drying space 
  • Raw-food friendly - Offers a temperature as low as 35 C
  • Mesh sheets - Optional extra - for drying small items and product such as herbs
  • Solid trays - For wet stuff
  • Non-stick sheets - Alternative to solid trays for drying the wet stuff
  • Residue collection tray - Catch what drops
  • Adjustable temperatures - Temperatures range from 35 - 70 C in increments of 5 degrees
  • Easy to clean - The Kuto dehydrator is easy to clean, simply wipe the dehydrator with a damp cloth both inside and out
  • No Rotation - Even drying with a central fan means no need to rotate the trays
  • Built-in digital timer - up to 19.5 hours


Whats in the box?

  • Kuto dehydrator with 6 AS (BPA-Free) trays
  • 1 solid tray/ drip tray (32 x 30 cm)
  • User-friendly instruction manual
  • User-friendly dehydrator brochure and recipe insert



Tray Size 33 x 30 cm
Power 500 Watts
Voltage 220-240V
Trays Stainless Steel
Temperature 35-70 degrees Celcius
Weight 9.07 kg
Dimensions 44.7 x 34.5 x 30 cm
Capacity up to 6kg of produce at a time

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