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Microgarden Kitchen Micro Smart Garden


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The perfect start to any Hydroponic gardeners dream.






This Microgarden Kitchen Micro Smart Garden is a great way to grow your herbs and micro greens in the comfort of your Kitchen or anywhere else that may be suitable. This clean and compact hydroponic system takes up minimal space and it looks good too. The Kitchen Micro Garden will indicate to you when it requres water again via a built in water level monitor, and the hassle free lighting makes growing your greens hassle free.

The LED lighing system is a perfect match for this little garden and will supply the correct light, whether growning leafy greens, or those special flowers that need just the right attention. This is the first step anyone should take if interested in Hydroponic farming.



  • Made to be indoors and will produce plants all year round
  • The perfect way to grow your own herbs as plants can control their own water absorption
  • Great for anybody who enjoys healthy cooking and fresh produce
  • Each unit comes complete with a built in LED grow light, a basin body with two planting pots, 2 planting covers, water indicator, power indicator, plant growing medium, and fertiliser.



Dimensions 370x 285 x 117 mm 
Weight 1200g 
Input Voltage 240 Volt 
Power Input 16 Volt / 1A 
Material ABS plastic , Aluminium alloy 
Hydroponic Planting Medium Vermiculite
Fertilizer 5 sashets of  Water Soluble Feriliser Blue ( 3:2:3)
Function adding-water indicator, low battery indicator 
LED Light Hours 50000 hours 
LED Targeted spectrum (10 White LED & & deep red LED)

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