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Mycoroot Supreme Root Growth Treatment - 200ml

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These beneficial fungi are nature’s own way of boosting plant growth and providing an intimate link with a more healthy soil environment.





Mycoroot is developed from a fungi called Mycorrhiza which literally means “fungus root”. This is a beneficial fungi found in undisturbed soils that forms a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship with 90% of all plant roots. There are several types of mycorrhizal associations but, the most commonly encountered are the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi.

These beneficial fungi are nature’s own way of boosting plant growth and providing an intimate link with a more healthy soil environment.

The fungus grows by means of fungal filaments called hyphae that grow both inside and outside of the roots. The fungus is intimately associated with the plant roots providing a link between the soil and the plant.

This benefits the plant by extending the plant rooting system improving root functions which allow for better exploitation of the soil environment. They also increase surface area available for nutrient uptake and make nutrients soluble which are normally not accessible to plant roots. They influence the soil environment covered by the fungal filaments encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria and other non disease causing fungi. They ward off unwanted organisms which can cause plants diseases such as eelworms and root rot. They also produce a biological glue that promotes soil stability and increases moisture penetration and aeration of the soil. In return the fungus obtains sugars from the host plant.

Mycoroot Supreme is for home garden application.

Mycoroot will not benefit the following plants:

Brassicaceae - Cabbage, Kale, Radish, Turnip, Rocket
Cyperaceae - Sedges, Reeds
Commelinaceae - Wandering Jew, Spiderwort
Polygonaceae - Rhubarb, Sorrel
Proteaceae - Protea, Leucadendron



  • Increased uptake of nutrients and water
  • Increased soil biological activity
  • Improved soil structure and aeration
  • Reduced effects from drought
  • Reduced effects from root pathogens
  • Reduced chemical inputs and environmental damage



  • Flower beds - Calculate 5 ml of Mycoroot Supreme per seedling. Incorporate into the soil before planting. The Mycoroot Supreme product is not affected if beds are allowed to stand for a while before planting. Water flower beds after planting.
  • Container plants - Repotting of container plants or transplanting from nursery bags apply 5ml - 20ml (larger plants require more product) of Mycoroot Supreme per pot placed at the bottom of the planting hole. Gently loosen roots and soil at base of plant and place in hole, fill with growing media or soil and water after planting. Ensure pots are well drained.
  • Transplanting seedlings - 5ml of Mycoroot Supreme per seedling placed at the bottom of the planting hole. Water seedlings after planting.
  • Growing from seed - Calculate 1ml of Mycoroot Supreme per seed. Mix well into growing medium or soil. Water gently after covering the seed.

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  1. Excited

    By Bill June 24, 2019

    Used this product now with my other products when i transplanted my plants into bigger pots! They seem to grow fast, so i am very sure this product helps ;) and not expensive at all! So give it a try!

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