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The Parrot Pot is a smart flowerpot that helps your plants flourish like never before! The Pot features a self-watering system and has four built-in sensors that monitor your plant around the clock. Become a professional gardener in your own home!



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 Parrot Pot Automated Watering



The is a smart flowerpot that helps your plants flourish. The self-watering system and four built-in sensors monitor your plant around the clock. It's gardening made easy! The "Perfect Drop" irrigation system waters your plant when it needs it. The Parrot Pot automatically adapts to the plant's natural life-cyle and ajusts water consumption accordingly, giving your plant just the right amount of water at the right time. Enjoy lush, thriving plants!

The Parrot Pot's self-watering "Plant Sitter" mode ensures up to a month of unattended care for your plant. Keeps your plant alive and healthy by adjusting watering levels. Leave with peace of mind and find healthy, happy plants when you return home. The Parrot Pot's four built-in sensors monitor light, temperature, soil moisture and fertiliser levels in real time.

The Parrot Pot is so smart it sends out customised recommendations and alerts to help you better care for your plant. Getting greenfingers has never been so easy! The Parrot Pot is autonomous, wireless and runs on 4 AA batteries. Perfect for the home, garden, or office – it goes with everything! What's more, the Parrot Pot's sturdy, anti-UV treated ABS plastic cover only requires minimal upkeep.



  • Right amount of water at the right time for a perfectly happy plant
  • 'Perfect Drop' watering system adjusts watering to plant's needs every day
  • Plant gets just the right amount of water when it needs it, helping it to grow
  • Go on holiday without worrying about your plants with 'Plant Sitter' mode
  • 2.2l water tank - Pot provides up to a month of self-sufficient watering
  • Four integrated sensors measures data to keeping your plant in good health
  • Sunlight, amount of fertilizer, temperature and ground humidity are measured accurately and in real time
  • Get customized advice and special warnings to keep plants healthy, beautiful
  • Use Pot indoors or outdoors – it goes with anything
  • Pot is autonomous, wireless and powered by 4x AA batteries (included)
  • Requires minimal maintenance, with rigid ABS covering and anti-UV treatment
  • Pot measures 20.5cm diameter x 31.2cm height, and weighs 1.5kg
  • Parrot Flower Power, free dedicated app, connects to Pot via Bluetooth



Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor  Measurement range - 0 to 50
Fertiliser Level Sensor Yes
Light Sensor 0 to 1000 μmol m-2. s-1
Air Temperature Sensor 0°C to +55°C
Rain and Water Resistant  Yes (IPX5 rating)
Diameter X Height 20.5 cm x 31.2 cm
Weight 1.5 kg (incl. batteries)
Operating Temperature  0°C to 55°C
Material ABS, PP, rubber
LED Status Indicator  Red & Green
Built-in Water Tank 2.2 litres
Soil Volume  2.4 litres
Batteries 4 AA
Connection via Bluetooth  Smart/Bluetooth V4.0 BLE
Free Parrot Flower Power App Yes
Application Programming Interface (Api) Yes


Package Contents

  • 1 Parrot Pot
  • 1 Quick use guide
  • 4 AA batteries

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