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Plant Matter Myco-Plantmatter - 1L

Plant Matter
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Enhanced nutrient uptake
Reduce irrigation requirements
Increase crop quality



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The Plant Matter Myco-Plantmatter - 1L is a Mycorrhizal fungus that acts as a secondary root system which draws both nutrients and moisture from the soil. It helps protect your plant from root diseases and other soil pests. Another benefit is that it aids with aeration and moisture penetration for your plant.

The Mycorrhizal fungi have existed since the first plants appeared on dry land more than 450 million years ago. They form a close symbiotic relationship with your plants' roots. They are called Mycorrhizae from the Greek words "mukes", meaning fungus, and "rhiza", meaning roots.

Mycorrhizae are microscopic fungi that have threads known as hyphae. The hyphae are entirely interconnected with a web-like structure called mycelium, which measures thousands of miles but is compacted into a tiny area around the plant. The mycelium of a single mycorrhiza, can extend outward and connect a multitude of plants with varying species. The Mycorrhizae can connect to plants in two ways. The first way is the ectomycorrhizae surrounds the outside of the plant's roots and the second is that the endomycorrhizae grows inside the plant, squeezing between the cell wall and membranes of the plant's roots.

You are not likely to see mycorrhizae because they are so tiny, but every once in a while the mycorrhizae will reproduce and send up fruiting bodies that create spores; mushrooms. Without mycorrhizae, plants struggle to get nutrients from their roots. The reason being is that their roots require direct contact with the soil in order to absorb the nutrients effectively, and plant roots only grow so small. Fungi are incredible in that they are able to wedge their way in between individual bits of soil, covering the entire soil substance. This increases surface area and allows the plants much greater access to nutrients than they would have gotten by themselves.

Absorbing nutrients like phosphorus and magnesium, mycorrhizae are able to directly feed the plant's roots with all the goodness it needs. Your plant gives the mycorrhizae sugar and in turn, it receives nutrients, a symbiotic relationship. Mycorrhizae can help protect plants against multiple diseases and toxins.



  • Enhance water and nutrient uptake (especially phosphorus)
  • Reduce irrigation requirements and need for fertilizer
  • Increase drought and pathogen resistance
  • Increase plant health and stress tolerance
  • Higher transplanting success
  • Enhance root growth
  • Tolerance to salt and root rot
  • Increase yields and crop quality
  • Contribute to maintaining soil quality and nutrient cycling
  • Contribute to controlling soil erosion



Size 1L

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