Draminski Twist Grain Pro Moisture Meter


40 Different grain types selectable Impedance measuring method 4 frequencies for increased stability

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The Draminski Twist Grain Pro Moisture Meter are used for cereals, maize, grass seeds, oil seeds, and legumes seeds. The moisture meter has two operational modes that are tailored to the needs of a user and can be easily changed on the menu. Basic Mode– for a quick and accurate moisture measurement (intuitive and very convenient handling, even for non-experienced users).  Advanced Mode– activates many additional functionalities that will be appreciated even by the most demanding clients. This mode allows for recoding the moisture and temperature measurements with date and hours, data transfer to the PC, temperature measurements with an external temperature probe and many other options.  The four frequencies ensure that the measurement is steadier and its result is less susceptible to unusual samples, the risk of blips is lower and the repeatability is high. You can quickly measure the moisture of grain with an accuracy of ±0.5% for normalized grain.  Grain temperature is also an important factor for moisture measurements and TwistGrain pro is thus equipped with a digital temperature sensor (built in the measuring chamber) to ensure a very accurate measurement (accuracy: ±0.5°C). TwistGrain pro has an automatic temperature compensation mode.

You can fill the measuring chamber without any additional tools or special medium. Simply, grasp some grain with the device, push away any excess towards the edge of the chamber and tighten the cap.  When screwing the cap, the acoustic signal will indicate that the grain sample is adequately squeezed. Since keeping the device comfortably in your hands (tightening the cap does not require using much force) it is not tiring even after many measurements.  A large graphic and LED- illuminated display allows reading the result in any conditions (field/warehouse, full sun/night). The menu enables the user to adjust the display settings: illumination time, illumination intensity and contrast.  The TwistGrain pro device is equipped with the real time clock, which, together with huge data storage capacity, allows recording 50,000 moisture measurements and temperature measurements from the external probe (records with date and hour).  The data storage mode covers up to 400 species and 20 language versions and makes the device a very useful and universal tool for each farmer, expert, drying room operator, gardener, barista or entrepreneur for the food and agriculture industry.

The TwistGrain Pro moisture meter comes with free, multi-language software for data to trasfer to PCs.  The software generates Excel sheets and measurement reports (by species and by measurement date), presents the moisture changes in time on the graphs, filters the results by date, allows browsing the stored data, has archiving functionality limited only by the hard disc capacity, saves the documents as PDFs, prints, and has many other useful functions.  Twist Grain Pro has 4 buttons on the keyboard for comfortable and easy operation (the OK button is to confirm, the ESC button to cancel, and the arrow keys ↑↓ help with intuitive navigation).

To ensure full satisfaction, TG pro has many options that are accessed from the menu, such as:

  • the option to choose the number of measurements that are used to calculate average moisture,
  • the option to record the results of single measurements or calculated mean,
  • possibility to make modifications of readings separately for each species (the outcome of modification is seen while measurements are being taken),
  • the option to add new species remotely with special codes,
  • full regulation of display settings,
  • possibility to set the automatic switch-off time,
  • management of external temperature probes (adding, editing, deleting),
  • management of data storage (free space checks, formatting, date and time setting),
  • the option to choose the language interface
  • the option to change the temperature range,
  • and many other useful functionalities with unrestricted access.



  • 40 Different grain types selectable
  • Impedance measuring method
  • 4 frequencies for increased stability
  • Screw cap buzzer alert
  • Sufficient grain compression
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Grain temperature display
  • Offset calibration adjustment
  • Improved accuracy
  • Internal memory for 50,000 measurements with date and time
  • Backlit graphic LCD
  • Shows actual grain type,
  • Shows % of moisture and temperature
  • 4 x AA Alkaline batteries, approx. 77 hours use without back light
  • USB port for data transfer to PC (free software download)
  • Real time clock
  • Save measurements to the memory (date, time and sample number)
  • Data transmission to pc
  • Preview of memory status
  • Preview of battery status
  • Temperature measurement with an external probe
  • Change of operating mode (basic/advanced)
  • Modification of humidity results
  • Adding new species using special codes
  • Calculation of the average result
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Pop-up menu
  • Setting the display parameters
  • Selecting a language version
  • Selecting the temperature scale
  • Change of power auto off time
  • Update of data and software
  • Special software to manage the data saved on pc



Dimensions 16.5 x 7.0 x 7.5 cm
Weight Of The Device 520 G (With Batteries And The Tightening Cap)
Way Of Filling The Chamber manual
Method Of Humidity Measurement impedance in 4 frequencies
Samples Capacity 90 ml
Measurement Control Single System Microcomputer
Power Supply 4 batteries 1.5V type AA + 1 battery 3V type CR-2032
Power Intake from 30 to 72 mA w depending on the users settings
Approximate Time Of Continuous Operation On One Battery Set 77 hours when backlight is set to 0%
Low Battery Indicator graphic
Measurement Resolution humidity 0.1%, temperature 0.1C/F
Humidity Measurement Accuracy +/- 0.5% in normal moisture range for standard grains by using average and calibration adjustments
Temperature Measurement Accuracy 0.5C in the range from 0C to 85C / 0.9F in the range from 32F to 185F
Temperature Measurement Range from 0C to 125C
Correction Of Measurements using the keyboard option modification
Save Data internal storage
Internal Memory Capacity 50000 measurements with date and time, 20 External Temperature Probes Recognised Automatically On The Basis Of ID Number, 20 Language Versions, 400 Species
Checking The Memory Status from menu
External Temperature Probe with a digital temperature sensor connected to mini-USB port
Display graphic LCD LED backlit, diagonal 2
Keyboard automatically included
Temperature Compensation considered automatically
Operating Temperature from 10C to 35C
Storage Temperature from 5C to 45C
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