Nokta Legend STD Metal Detector - Black


  • IP68
  • Frequency Shift & Noise Cancellation
  • Recovery Speed Setting
  • 60 Target IDs & Harmonic Tones
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Introducing the Nokta Legend STD Metal Detector - Black, a cutting-edge marvel designed for both novice treasure hunters and seasoned enthusiasts alike. This exceptional metal detector transcends ordinary exploration, offering a seamless blend of advanced technology, precision, and unparalleled performance.

The Nokta Legend STD Metal Detector is more than just a device, it's your key to unlocking hidden mysteries beneath the Earth's surface. With its state-of-the-art features, this metal detector is engineered to provide accurate and efficient detection, whether you're searching for coins, relics, or precious metals.

Equipped with a highly sensitive search coil, the Legend STD can detect metals buried deep beneath the ground, allowing you to unearth treasures that were once out of reach. Its intuitive controls and ergonomic design ensure effortless operation, making it accessible to beginners while catering to the demands of experienced prospectors.

What sets the Nokta Legend STD apart is its adaptability to various terrains. Whether you're exploring sandy beaches, rugged landscapes, or historical sites, this metal detector delivers consistent and reliable results. Its adjustable settings allow you to fine-tune your search, maximizing your chances of discovering hidden artefacts.

One of the stand-out features of the Legend STD is its real-time feedback system. With audio and visual indicators, it notifies you instantly when it detects metal, enabling you to pinpoint the exact location of your find. This precision is invaluable, saving you time and effort during your treasure hunting adventures.

Beyond its functionality, the Nokta Legend STD Metal Detector boasts a robust and durable construction, built to withstand the demands of outdoor exploration. Its lightweight yet sturdy design ensures hours of comfortable use, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the hunt without unnecessary fatigue.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the Nokta Legend STD Metal Detector, where cutting-edge technology meets the passion for exploration. Uncover hidden treasures, delve into the past, and experience the excitement of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. With the Legend STD by your side, every dig becomes an opportunity for an unforgettable adventure. Dive into the world of metal detecting and unearth the wonders that lie beneath the surface.



  • Advanced Discrimination Settings
  • IP68
  • Frequency Shift & Noise Cancellation
  • Recovery Speed Setting
  • 60 Target IDs & Harmonic Tones
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • 4 Custom User Profiles
  • Easy Operation
  • Vibration
  • Backlit LCD & LED Flashlight
  • Lightweight (1.4kg / 3.0Ibs)
  • Long Battery Life



Battery Life 20 hours of use depending on the frequency used and other factors
Weight 1.4kg
Colour Black
Brand Nokta
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