Rosewood Zurich Cat Scratcher - Brown


  • Stylish Design
  • Durable Construction
  • Multiple Scratching Angles
  • Textured Surface
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Introducing the Rosewood Zurich Cat Scratcher - Brown, a stylish and functional accessory designed to meet your feline friend's natural scratching instincts while seamlessly blending into your home décor. Crafted with both your cat's needs and your interior aesthetics in mind, this cat scratcher offers the perfect balance of practicality and elegance.

The Zurich Cat Scratcher boasts a contemporary design, featuring a sturdy, angular frame made from high-quality materials. Its sleek appearance complements modern living spaces, adding a touch of sophistication to your home. The scratcher is not just a functional item, but also a statement piece that enhances your interior design.

Designed for durability, the Zurich Cat Scratcher provides your cat with a satisfying and robust scratching surface. Its textured material allows your cat to indulge in their natural urge to scratch, helping them keep their claws healthy and preventing furniture damage. The scratcher also serves as a comfortable spot for your cat to stretch, tone their muscles, and relieve stress.

The scratcher's elevated design offers multiple scratching angles, allowing your cat to choose their preferred position for scratching. Whether it's a horizontal scratch, a vertical stretch, or an angled attack, this versatile scratcher caters to various scratching preferences, ensuring your cat stays engaged and entertained.

Additionally, the Zurich Cat Scratcher doubles as a cosy perch. Its flat top provides a comfortable spot for your cat to relax, observe their surroundings, or take a leisurely catnap. The elevated position offers a sense of security, making it an ideal vantage point for your cat to keep an eye on their territory.

This scratcher is not only functional, but also easy to maintain. Its textured surface allows for effective scratching while being durable enough to withstand prolonged use. Regular use of the scratcher keeps your cat's claws healthy and minimizes shedding around your home.

Provide your feline friend with the ultimate scratching and lounging experience with the Rosewood Zurich Cat Scratcher. Its combination of contemporary design, durability, and functionality makes it an excellent addition to your home, offering your cat a satisfying and stylish outlet for their scratching instincts. Enhance your cat's well-being and add a touch of elegance to your space with this chic and practical cat scratcher.



  • Stylish Design
  • Durable Construction
  • Multiple Scratching Angles
  • Textured Surface
  • Dual Functionality
  • Promotes Healthy Behaviour
  • Easy to Clean
  • Entertaining and Engaging



Colour Brown
Brand Rosewood
For Cats
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